The company now known as PrepaYd, Inc. is a publicly owned company formed August 10 1986  and has gone through several transitions.  PrepaYd Inc.  Most recently was a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) using the Sprint Nationwide Network. PrepaYd, Inc experienced rapid revenue growth since it launched to the underbanked market in 2012.  For calendar year 2012 the company grossed approximately $825,407 in wireless service and product sales. 2013  was a banner year in growth as our wireless products grew to approximately $6,188,128  for calendar year 2013which is an approximate 750% growth from the previous year.

What Happened

Since there is threatened litigation between PrepaYd, Inc and Sprint we are limited in what we can say without jeopardizing our cause of actions. But I will lay out one thing and one thing alone  in layman’s terms which lead to PrepaYd Inc. wireless service and product sales demise.

  1. Sprint and Sprint owned Boost Mobile early on 2014 released new consumer wireless service plans at a substantially reduced retail price plan that was lower than our costs to provide the same service. PrepaYd, Inc. requested that Sprint lower PrepaYd Inc. prices so we could offer services at a profit. Sprint refused to lower PrepaYd, Inc. request to lower our prices.

Sprint Chairman Vows ‘Price War’

Sprint Chairman may have tipped his hat based on recently leased public articles.

PrepaYd , Inc. is currently working on ways to monopolize on its  assets and garner revenue on its brands that weren’t tarnished as a result of the manner in which Sprint refused to port PrepaYd, Inc. customers post termination of service.

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